What is Miralax?

Miralax is a brand name for a group of drugs named polyethylene glycol 3350. This drug is basically recommended by the doctor to a patient, who is suffering from constipation. This drug works by bringing water between the parts of alimentary canal stated between the stomach and anus. The first time when Mira lax was introduced in 1999, it was only available to people who were having doctors prescription. Food and drugs administration researched on this and by 2006 they declared it safe and effective. Then this could be sold over the counter without any prescription. By the time of 2013, it was declared to be most safe and effective treatment for constipation.

 How long does it take Miralax to work?

Miralax is basically a powder which has to be mixed with the liquid like water, juice, and tea. After mixing the powder one should drink it immediately. Usually how long does Miralax take to work is generally depending upon the dosage of it an individual is taking. The dosage prescribed by the doctor is once a day and the amount of powder that is safe is 1 heaping table spoon. Which is right as taking more dosage than prescribed can be harmful. One suffering from constipation should take one spoon of powder or say 1 packet as the packet contains almost 1 heaping spoon of powder. The patient should take it regularly once a day till the date their doctor says; usually, the time is about 2 weeks. The result will start to be visible in around 3 to 4 days. Within this day the polyethylene 3350 will start making a bowel moment. It takes around 2 weeks to get everything fine but within 3 to 4 days the patient will seek a little relaxation. The patient should avoid taking larger doses as larger doses won’t be giving you relaxation in a short time. If you are taking high doses then you are digging a hole for you. Taking larger doses will push you to another problem like symptoms of seizure, confusion and increased thirst. These are various problems one face if they increase the dose of polyethylene glycol 3350. A patient should only take a dose with precautions.

Thus over all a Miralax fully does a work in about 2 weeks but start giving relaxation within 2 to 3 days when you started taking the polyethylene 3350. Thus it is beneficial if taking on the recommendation of the doctor.


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