Katana – A Unique Decorative Item

If you love samurai movies, you must have seen a long sword, which is called BladesPro
. This 70cm long sword has sharp edge and curved blade. Katana is used in different ceremonies and due to changing war style, its major use is decorative these days.  If you like orient designs, it’s a must decorative item, no matter it’s your home or office. You can find a katana, which can be used for decorative and functional purpose, but decorative katana have some distinct features.

  • Aesthetic: Functional katanas are not aesthetically appealing like the decorative ones. Vibrant colors are used in the them to make them attractive. the long handles are very colorful and have lot of embellishments and a hanging string too.
  • Size: Size of decorative katana is also different. The blade of this katana is 27 inches long and the length of handle is 9 inches. With this size, it is impractical for use and any kind of training too.
  • Weight: Katana, which is used for decoration, differs in terms of weight too. The weight of practical katana is 2 pounds, usually. However, the decorative katana is heavier, it weighs 3 pounds and such heavy size make is impractical for use.
  • Price: You can find these katanas in every price. Deluxe ones are most expansive but decorative items are available in almost any price. But, for good quality products, you have to pay the price. Low price is usually associated with the low quality as well, but if you can find a discount, you will be lucky.

These are just the few qualities of a decorative katana. If you are looking to buy one, make sure that it looks like the original Katana. A lot of paints can ruin the look. a katana should look like a Katana, even if it is made for decorative purpose.