Pros and cons of using 6×9 speakers

When it comes to the car audio and 6×9 speakers with good bass, there are many options and variants to choose from. One of the most popular speakers is 6×9, that is overall fantastic speakers for the car. Such speakers are the most widely used audio upgrade. However, such a speaker’s only manufactures for vehicles like car, truck and other ones as well. They called 6×9 because the size of the speakers is 6 inches tall and 9 inches wider as well and quite popular among car owners.

Considering the size, they come with the decent quality of sound. But it isn’t easy to buy the best 6×9 speakers with great bass at cheaper worth. a lot of factors are there that you need to be taking into the consideration, and you might face complications by all of that. Why finding 6 x 9 speakers is quite complicated? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of buying 6×9 speakers.

What are the cons?

  • The 6×9 speakers | Sound Experts always come in the oval shape, and round cone is more rigid as compared to the oval shaped one. Thus, at the higher levels, and oval-shaped 6×9 speakers will distort.
  • After buying such speakers, you will have to sacrifice the sound quality, and you will gain the bass only. However, such gain can be a disadvantage sometimes when if one is not looking for the bass.
  • Size of such speakers is also disadvantages; thus you have always to buy a speaker that comes with great size and decent sound quality.

Pros of 6×9 speakers 

If you feel 6×9 speakers don’t come with great sound quality, then seriously wrong with your system or seriously wrong with your ears. Such speakers are available at a reasonable price that is something everyone wants. Thus, they are manufactured by experts, and you can grab the decent sound quality.

How to purchase perfect speaker for your home

Every person has the hectic schedule and they want to enjoy life with max entertainment and adventure. Therefore, your room always requires Sound Experts and excellent qualities. If you are going to shopping it would be a quite complicated task. You have to hassle your time and effort with currency. Sometimes, it is quite costly to build your own home speaker when you are not familiar with your needs and basic features. The basic speaker always gives you the best quality at cheaper rates however wireless speakers offers you some advanced features with expensive prices.

Focus on wiring

There are two types of speakers available in the market such as 6×9 speakers with good bass and wireless, if you like to attach wires with the stereo system then wire speaker will be better for you. On the other hand, advance features and moderns come without cables and Bluetooth and wifi.

Power of your system

Well, in the past small speakers don’t have any amplifiers but if you have an amplifier then you should search the model number and find online and note ac and dc powers of it. While matching your speaker amplifier always check certain things such as amps to avoid electronics damaging. Before buying any sound system you should match your amplifier certain requirements.

Choose power handling

Power handling considers as watts, if you have the highest amount of speaker then it can boost sound quality and bass system. You have to match your amplifier with speakers. However, if you are purchasing higher watt speaker then you have powerful amplifiers as well.

Test your speakers

If you found speakers in the market don’t buy them without knowing their specification. Firstly rap on it and check if you feel solid then it would be better for you.


Essential Infromation Regarding Subwoofer

Are you looking forward to buy the subwoofer to attach to sound system and have some great time while watching TV or listening music? In case you nobe your head up and down, I would like to draw you attention to the option – buy 8 inch subwoofers from bassdelight. It is the only option which was chosen by me back in time for getting the best subwoofer. There are several models in the market, an individual can go through them and find the best according to their needs. It’s better to go with specifications at the time while searching market.

Specifications of the best subwoofer

According to a study, the specification of the 8-inch sub woofer should be like –

  • The frequency range of it should be somewhere between 27 hertz to 180 hertz.
  • 250 watts at the peak is termed to be best power handling.
  • 125 watts should be RMS power handling
  • Input impedance should be 10k ohms
  • Sensitivity should be 88dB SPL
  • 8 watts should be the maximum standby consumption.
  • The weight of subwoofer should be light enough.

Additional specification

  • The construction of woofer should be durable.
  • It would be better to go for one which is compact and portable
  • Wireless connection is just amazing.
  • Automatic sleep function when not use for saving energy.


These are the additional features or say specifications that a person should be keeping in their mind while making the purchase. The gathered of all these specifications in a single woofer is just amazing. At last, I just want to say that – be wise at the time when you want to buy the subwoofers for your sound system. These points are also used by me as the way to make the purchase worthy.