Less Annoying CRM Reviews 2017: Latest and Updated

What do you do when you want a customer relationship management tool for your small business? You of course go to internet to get information and reviews about various products. There you read reviews of a CRM and become satisfied. But it is only after using the product that you find that the reviews were quite old and you need latest product to handle CRM for your business. One product that is creating waves at the moment on internet is Less Annoying CRM. You also find lots of Less Annoying CRM reviews 2017 to know that it is the latest and most up to date CRM tool available over the net.


Less Annoying CRM is a cloud based application that stores all your information safely and allows you to retrieve it whenever you require it for customer management. The best feature of this CRM product is it’s easy to use interface. You can configure it according to the requirements of your business in just a few minutes and that too after customizing the product. Among CRM products currently available over internet, Less Annoying CRM has the highest, 82% user satisfaction rating.


You get a dashboard when you become a registered user of this wonderful product. On this dashboard, you get all the relevant information as soon as you type the contact number or name of a customer or prospect. This information is well organized to enable you to do what is needed for optimum CRM. You can see all the previous communication that you have had with the contact to take a decision regarding sharing new information.


Realizing the importance of leads, Less Annoying CRM provides you a feature where you can track all your leads and different stages where they stand.


In short, Less Annoying CRM is the best customer relationship management that provides full value for your money.


The Miracle of Goemerchant Developers

It is the desire of every business owner to focus upon what he knows best, to delight his customers with his products and services. At the same time, he cannot ignore the crucial aspect of financial transactions, the backbone of every business. In a time when the vast majority of customers prefer to use their debit and credit cards to pay for products and services, you as a business owner need to deploy a high quality payment processing system in your establishment. Goemerchant, a renowned name in this field, have developed a payment gateway that provides seamless integration of all electronic payment methods. You can enjoy a fast and smooth processing of electronic payments because of the hard work done by www.goemerchant.com.


Goemerchant has carved a niche for itself in e payment processing world. It has been involved with this business for the last 20 years. The company has earned the trust and confidence of the vendors and business owners because of the high level of efficiency of their payment systems. Goemerchant developers have designed it to be consistent and totally transparent system. It can be used to receive electronic payments through a POS machine with swipes of debit and credit cards. The company also has iPad POS system while there are also techniques of receiving payments through NFC and mobile devices.


You become eligible to receive electronic payments after opening a merchant account with the company. Just fill up a form online, giving your social security number and bank account details. All it requires is a computer and internet connection to enable you to start receiving payment from customers. It is a cloud based system that also offers you capability to receive payments off line. This means you need not be present at your establishment to receive payments electronically.